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Make: Custom Sewing

I take a wide variety of custom sewing projects from clothing to soft furnishings to bags and outdoor gear.


Just send me a message and lets see what we can design together!


 My hourly rate for custom sewing is $25.

Sewing Lessons

Do: Sewing Lessons

Learning to sew is a wonderful way to express your creativity and to gain confidence in making.


Whether you are a beginner who is interested in the basics or a sewer looking to expand your skills, Make, Do, and Mend provides one-one sewing instruction tailored to your interests.

Lessons are available if you are in Bozeman, MT


Sewing Machine and Instruction are provided; students bring thread, notions, fabric and patterns. Hourly rate of $35.

Alterations and Mending

Mend: Alterations & Mending

A huge part of Make, Do, and Mend's philosophy is to help make the textiles in our lives last longer and fit better. Whether you have a pair of pants you want hemmed, a jacket you wish was a little warmer, or a broken zipper Make, Do, and Mend has you covered!

Since every project is a little different, altering and mending prices can vary.


However there are a few jobs that have a set price:

Sewing on 1-3 button: $5

Fixing torn pockets: $10 

Hemming pants/skirts/shirts: $15

Slimming a button-down shirt: $20

Please email me a picture of any other projects to get a price quote.

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